• About Oceaniss

    About Us

    Oceaniss brings together chic swim and resort wear brands in a single beach bag ideal for wearing in, any and all of the oceans of the world...
    Derived from a portmanteau of, 'Ocean & Bliss' is - Oceaniss! It also takes after the name of the greek god of salt water - Oceanus!

    An exclusive website that displays a unique collection of:


    Womens Swimwear Womens Swimwear
    Dresses Dresses
    Footwear Footwear
    Bags Bags


    We also offer a limited edition on the Menswear!

    OCEANISS is a paragon of perfection, creating a symphony of style, comfort and elegance— Every item purchased from OCEANISS can be a stunning ensemble worn.

    Simply throw on a trendy kaftan or cover up that compliments your swimwear, and slip into one of our special beach sandals to complete your look, just like that!

    With OCEANISS, our goal has been a noble one – to make the Indian female body type look great in fine swimwear designed to hide what needs the tuck-in and enhance what’s meant to be noticed. Smartly hand-picked suits give women of all body-types, a chance to make eyes go wide and jaws drop. Be it Oceanus or Triton, they’d all be drooling over your svelte form, poured into our products.

    And from the scenic blue waters of Santorini to the islands of Koh Samui and Hua Hin, closer home, wherever you may holiday, OCEANISS has a style solution for every beach need that you may have.


    Our Team

    Commencing their journey to make OCEANISS a hypnotic and elegant beachwear and après brand, Rina Shah and Sanaya Mehta Turakhia have manoeuvred their way through.

    Rina Shah, CEO & Founder, designed OCEANISS to cater to the swish set of customers in India.

    Keeping pace with her is the Business Development Manager, Sanaya Mehta Turakhia; extremely passionate about all things classy. She brings in another facade to OCEANISS...

    OCEANISS has another member to the legion. The Admin Head, Natasha Somani is diligent, sincere and fun-loving...



    Sourced from some of the best couture labels from Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, Columbia & Israel, each of our classy pieces is made with top quality fabrics and is embellished with the choicest of trimmings. Each garment is elite, stylish yet classic and with a one-of-a-kind story to tell. Be it a thirteen year old teen style queen or a fifty year old, young-at-heart woman, our product range has something for every lady who enjoys being the centre of attention.

    Products displayed on our website are handpicked and chosen by our In-house Fashion team. Be it a bikini, a tankini, a one-piece or a cover-up – they are perfect for the quintessential style-diva who can certainly tell her Laboutin’s from her Choo’s.